Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Scarecrowin' it Up!

This past Sunday I worked a booth at my local Scarecrow Festival. What the heck is a Scarecrow Festival, you ask? Well, it's basically a harvest festival with lots of great crafts, art, and local food. And, of course, there's a scarecrow competition!

I unfortunately wasn't able to go around and take any pictures of the other booths or the scarecrows, but here are some shots of my fall-themed table. You may also recognize that adorable apple/pumpkin garland that I had posted about here.

Because I didn't get any scarecrow pics to share with you guys, here are some cute scarecrow-themed items I found on Etsy:

Fall Scarecrow Goats Milk Soap by Barr of Soap

Scarecrow Polymer Clay Buttons by Digitsdesigns

Pumpkin Scarecrow Brooch by Designsbloom
Lil' Scarecrow Costume by Yaya Papaya
Scarecrow Handmade Figurine by Trina's Clay Creations
Hand Painted Gourd Scarecrow by From Grams House
 I hope you all enjoyed those adorable scarecrows and please be sure to check out all of these great shops!

Has anyone else gone to a harvest festival lately? Did any of them have themes like our Scarecrow Festival?


  1. I want to go to a Scarecrow Festival! How fun. Years ago I worked for an art studio that was located in the downtown area of the town I grew up. All the businesses would build a scarecrow using products that represented each particular shop. On Halloween they closed the streets and all the kids went trick or treating and people voting for the best scarecrow. It was a lot o fun!

  2. Fall is such a wonderful time of year!! The Scarecrow Festival sounds like a lot of fun. Love your Etsy Scarecrow collection... and thank you for including my "Scarecrow Holding Sunflower."

    Trina's Clay Creations

  3. Gypsea Tree--That sounds like a blast! I LOVE those kinds of events, they're so much fun :)

    Trina--Thanks so much for stopping by and following!

  4. The Scarecrow Festival sounds fun! Super cute finds. ^.^

  5. Your booth looks cute! Hope you were able to get some good business from it.
    I love that little gourd scarecrow! He has the sweetest face =)