Wednesday, August 31, 2011


A few years ago, my sister and I took a yoga class together and we both loved it but eventually stopped going when we moved to a different part of NY. Since then, I had been wanting to start up again but couldn't find a class nearby, so I started following a DVD from Shiva Rea called Yoga Shakti. That was a few months ago and I am hooked. I've never been much for physical activities (I'm more of the cerebral type, ya know haha) but I absolutely love practicing yoga. It is the one form of exercise that I don't actually think of as exercise.

As a tribute to my newly rekindled love for yoga, here is a Treasury I put together. Please visit it here and let me know what you think!


Namaste pebble - engraved white beach pebble by sjEngraving
$18.00 USD
OM SHANTI lotus flower namaste ohm yoga upcycled recycled license plate art sign mounted on weathered OOAK wood tomboyART tomboy
$125.00 USD
Handmade Namaste Silver  Leather Bracelet...Yoga...Buddha...Free Shipping
$38.00 USD
Tri. Cluster of three. Hand stamped sterling silver Om disc, lotus charm with a turquoise gemstone
$47.00 USD
Yoga Mat Bag with a Zipper Pocket
$38.00 USD
Keep Calm and Carry Om Tee - Medium
$20.00 USD
Stacked Stone Photograph 10X10 Print...Affordable Art Meditative Calming Zen Stones Rocks Stacked Rocks Stacked Stones Tribal Meditation
$12.99 USD
Polymer Clay OOAK Lotus Blossom Om Yoga Pendant Bead
$3.00 USD
Sun Salutation - Yoga Poster
$14.00 USD
Green Kyanite Faceted Amethyst Om Charm Sterling Silver Necklace
$62.00 USD
Yoga Art Elephant Painting in Sun Salutation
$51.11 USD
Sun Salutation Yoga Bracelet
$450.00 USD
native woman yoga pants
$58.00 USD
Buddha Serenity
$15.00 USD
Rita's Shakti Hand Brewed Oil
$7.88 USD

Tibetan Lotus Flower Singing Bowl, Violet Small Gift Set
Tibetan Lotus Flower Singi...
$36.00 USD

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Have A "Famous" Piece of Furniture!

So, this afternoon I was clicking through some inspiration on the Better Homes and Gardens site and my eye caught on this image:

First, I thought to myself, "Aw, what a cute idea!". Then, once I realized what I was looking at, I thought, "HEY! That's my dresser that I use for candlemaking!"

You're probably wondering what the big deal is, right? I'm sure many people see their same furniture on BHG.

The cool part is that it's not just the same type of dresser as the one I have--it is the very same dresser that is now in my apartment. I had bought the dresser from a couple who lives down the road from us and I remember hearing that one of them is an interior designer and works for major publications (like Better Homes and Gardens). So, deductive reasoning has led me to believe that my dresser is FAMOUS!

Okay, it may not be truly newsworthy, but it pretty much made my day. haha. Just had to share...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lavender Scented Bliss

My Lavender candle was included in this wonderful Treasury, which was perfect timing considering that I finally harvested my own lavender yesterday afternoon (more on that next weekend)!

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