Sunday, July 22, 2012

Monogrammed Candles

My fun project for today was to create some sample monogrammed candles to list on Etsy. We have listings for sets of 25, 50, and 100 personalized candles but we didn't have any nice samples to show off our customization skills! So last night I whipped up a few labels and, being the cheesy girly-girl that I am, I used mine and Nickolas' initials along with our anniversary date.

I think they look pretty darn good for a quick sample, what do you think? Can't you just see them being given out at a wedding or bridal shower?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tealight Sets for Weddings, Showers, and Parties

Check it out! We just added tealights in sets of 50 and 100, perfect for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, fundraisers, birthday parties...the list goes on and on!

Use them as party favors or incorporate them into your table settings. You can choose from tons of scents, or request your own personal favorite and we'll find it for you. As you know, we love doing custom orders! Find the set of 50 tealights here or the set of 100 here.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

100, Here We Come!

It's quite a milestone, my friends! Our little Etsy shop is this close to reaching 100 sales! Looking back on our first few listings back in 2010, it's amazing to see how far Candles By Nature has come. In that time, we've scrimped and saved to gradually make more and more improvements in our products, and it's all payed off. I am so in love with this little at-home business my boyfriend and I have created together. And the best part? We're always continuing to grow and learn and improve! As you know, we're already starting to expand into soaps and other bath and body products, which is incredibly exciting!

Thank you to all of our lovely customers who have been so wonderful along the way, sharing your enthusiasm for candles and handmade products in general. As a thank you, we're offering a *free gift* to our 100th customer. Whoever makes the 100th purchase at our shop will receive a free 4-ounce candle of their choice. So stop by, look around, and get shopping! ;)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tealights Now Available!


Tealight sets are now available in my Etsy shop! I have sets of six and twelve, available in ALL of the fragrances in my shop. I'll be posting more of them in the next few days, so be sure to check back here and take a look!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Items--FINALLY!

Okay, so I know I've been promising for awhile that I'd start listing my soaps in my Etsy shop, but I wanted to hold off until I had everything perfected (type A personality, yes that's me). Now, after many months, I am so happy to announce that Candles By Nature is finally offering a selection of luxurious, moisturizing goats milk soaps! Check them out here.

I'll be posting more new items within the next few days, so be sure to stop by again soon!

Friday, July 6, 2012

SEO? What?

Before I opened my Etsy shop I had no idea what SEO was. Now that I've been running the shop for over 2 years, I know that SEO means "search engine optimization" and that it could potentially help bring more people to your shop, but I'm still pretty useless when it comes to the intricacies of how SEO works. My mom has an Etsy shop as well ( and is lucky enough to have a friend who is pretty savvy with computers. He figured out a way to improve her SEO by changing her listing titles and tags and her sales have improved dramatically! Seeing how it helped her, I'm now wondering how I can improve SEO for my own shop. There are tons of resources on Etsy with tips on now to do this, but I'm wondering what other shop owners have found in the confusing world of SEO. What have you done? Has it helped boost sales and/or listing views? I'd love to hear from you!