Monday, July 18, 2011

New York Faerie Festival

Okay, so this isn't officially candle-related, but going to events like the Faerie Fest always inspires me in one way or another, so I thought I'd share it with you all anyway. Plus, it's always fun to pretend to be a faerie for a day and I hope these pictures can give you a taste of that as well ;)

There was a couple there who makes faerie furniture, which my boyfriend and I decided will be the theme for our bedroom once we get our own house. Their pieces were absolutely stunning. The detail was difficult to capture in the photos, but the more you looked at them, the more intricate details you would notice. Just looking at their pieces made me feel like I was in a faerie forest!

Sorry, you'll have to turn your head for this one...I couldn't get it to upload correctly :(
 Then we went on a faerie walk, complete with stones with magical inscriptions, sitting areas for little faeries, and a vine gateway.

After the faerie walk, we came upon a fire-thrower/eater named Paolo Garbanzo. Not only can he juggle flaming pins, but he's also hilarious while doing it! Paolo was such a kooky, nutty character with some really impressive juggling skills. Towards the end of the show, he called for some volunteers and of course, my sister was more than willing (that's her in the last picture throwing him a flaming torch).
Isn't this gypsy wagon amazing? Forget a Winnebago, I want to get one of these and travel the country!!

Part of the theme for the Faerie Festival was the ongoing rivalry between the faeries and the trolls. These next few shots were taken during each group's parade, in which they urged the fair-goers to take their side.

Because my sister and I both went as faeries, we were obviously on the faerie side, but halfway through the Festival, my sister was kidnapped by a troll. Shortly after, they were married, went their separate ways and we then later caught him cozying up to another of his captives (typical trolls!)

In addition to faeries and trolls, there were also lovely mermaids enjoying some time in the river that ran through the park.

...And of course, if you're going to have trolls, you must  have goblins, too!

She wasn't a faerie or any other magical creature, but this lady could juggle crystal balls like nobody's business. I only wish you could have seen her in action! And her dress was gorgeous! One day I plan on getting an elaborate get-up like that for myself  ;)

At the end of the Festival, the crowd gathered for a good, old-fashioned joust between the good knights Oak and Holly. The faerie queen introduced the two knights while seated atop her unicorn and then the fighting began. We were on Oak's side, who unfortunately was not the victor (but at least he looked cool!)

Sir Oak

Sir Holly

This was our first year at the Faerie Festival and it will definitely become an annual tradition now. We had so much fun, and it was really neat to be transported into a magical realm of woodland creatures. If there is a faerie festival in your area, you should definitely check it won't be sorry!

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