Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dedication for a Tree

Yes, you read that of my newer creations is actually in memory of a tree. There's this huge, gorgeous tree in our front yard that my boyfriend and I just love. When we first moved here the tree was full and in perfect condition. Unfortunately, a string of major snow storms this past winter caused the tree to lose some of its major branches and even a chunk of its trunk (hey, I rhymed!).

We were both so sad the day the tree was mutilated, it was like watching a beloved pet get injured or something.  I wanted to do something to remember the tree by, so I ventured into making hurricane candles and embedded some of its leaves so they would glow through the wax. I then took it a step further and made what I call a "twig candle-holder" out of some of the smaller branches that had fallen from the tree. The final result was exactly what I had wanted:

I even used some suede lace to hold the branches together, which was REALLY tricky to do:

Doesn't it look so warm and inviting with a tealight inside? I love how the leaves shine through, too:

Tomorrow this hurricane candle (and its twin) will be going to a new home. I'm actually pretty sad to see them go, but at the same time it makes me happy to know that a little part of our favorite tree will become a part of someone else's home.

Hopefully there will be many more hurricane candle projects in my future, but next time without the tragedy of an injured tree.

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  1. I've seen and held them in person. They are even more gorgeous in real life! And they got sold?! Aw, bittersweet to you I'm sure. Still, congrats!