Saturday, August 14, 2010

Today's the Day!

This morning my boyfriend and I made the trek to New Paltz to drop off my first batch of candles to be sold at American Craftsman, an awesome shop on N. Front Street.

The owner, Lisa, is so great. Since this is my first time doing consignment, she's walked me through the process and gave me a ton of advice. I hope anyone who starts doing consignment has someone like Lisa to help them out...otherwise it could be a bit overwhelming!

As I write, my candles are now displayed in her shop, with a nifty little sign about Candles by Nature to be added soon:
Proud Mama with my candles ;)
Close up view
My candles are in the upper right corner, underneath the adorable illustrations

I'm so psyched to have my stuff at American Craftsman, and I'm ready to get started on some new stuff to bring over soon. Autumn is fast approaching, and those great fall scents are calling to me!

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