Friday, March 23, 2012

Aromatherapy/Botanicals Tip of the Week


For this week's Tip, I'm sharing a nifty recipe I found from Mountain Rose Herbs for a natural deodorant. I love using juniper, so I was really pleased to find it featured in this recipe! I'm planning to try this one out in the next week or so and will be sure to let you guys know how I like it.

Natural Deodorant Spray

1.5 ounces witch hazel extract
10 drops cedarwood essential oil
2 drops juniper berry essential oil

Pour all ingredients into a 2-ounce glass bottle and top with a little more witch hazel. Cap with a mister top and shake well before spritzing liberally under your arms.

PS: You may recall I had posted a Tip about the use of ginger supplements to help relieve inflammation (which I started taking for my foot pains). Well, I've been taking about 1,000 mg twice a day for a few weeks now and I've really noticed a difference. Although my pain is not completely gone and I do still have some days that are worse than others, it has been feeling significantly better. I highly recommend it!

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