Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Teacup and Repurposed Candles!

I just finished posting some new candles on my Etsy shop. You can check them out here, but here's a little sneak peek for you guys:

 Pomegranate Sage 8-ounce Candle in a Repurposed Canning Jar:

 Lavender 12-ounce Candle in a Funky Handpainted Vase:

Banana Nut Bread 6-ounce Candle in a Cute Teacup:

Cool Citrus Basil 6-ounce Candle in a Cute Teacup:

Jasmine Honeysuckle 4-ounce Candle in a Sweet and Sunny Teacup:


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by and joining in my blog. They look fabulous!

  2. The sweet and sunny teacup is rad. Nice going!