Friday, October 15, 2010

Design Revamp

For the past two weeks, a friend of mine who is a graphic designer has been kind enough to help me in creating a new look for my company. Because I'm still kind of a newbie to this whole "small business" thing, I figured now is the time to lock down an image and a brand that I really love for my company.

We've gone back and forth a bit on some new designs and now I would like feedback from some of you guys as well. I'm one of those people that can't even decide what I want for dinner, let along make a decision on what my company's logo will look like haha. Yet I've somehow managed to narrow it down to three choices--two of which are variations of the same design.

The samples below are for a blog banner, but the overall design will ultimately be carried through in everything relating to my business (labels, business cards, Etsy banner, etc.).

The first design was created using this floral art that I had found on a vintage book I picked up at an auction. I've always loved these flowers and thought it would be so neat to include them in my company's logo design. While I do love the use of the art, I'm still not totally sold on the font treatment. But what do you guys think of this design in general? I'm also not sure how this would work as a label for my candles because the background may end up being too busy for a small (2-5/8" W  1" H) label.

Here is option 1 of the second design. I am completely in love with the sun/stars motif. I think it has a very '60s/Earth Mother kind of feel to it, which matches my personality so nicely. It also reflects the emphasis on nature in my candles. I think this design would make an awesome label for my candles because of that woodcut-type trim. Thoughts?

And here is the same one with white text...

And finally, here is the second variation of the same design as above. I think this color combination is okay  but I much prefer the green/gold used above. Also, this may sound strange, but all I can think of when I see these colors is "McDonalds" haha.

And now with white text...

So...thanks for taking a look and (hopefully) providing your feedback. It's really going to be helpful to see others' initial reactions because, after all, I want people to instantly love my stuff and I know that logo design is a huge part of that!


  1. My favorite is the red with gold font. I don't think McDonald's at all! ;-) But you certainly have to go with something that you personally love every time you look at it. Good luck!

  2. very nice candles here! Congrats!

    New follower via WBH.. Hope you stop by and follow me too! ;)

  3. Thank you for checking out design 36 !!! I would love to review your candles for my other blog check it out if you get a chance and email me if you are interested in the review