Thursday, January 12, 2012

2011 Spring and Summer Fragrances On Their Way Out!

Being that it's now January 2012, I think it's about time to retire my seasonal spring and summer scents from 2011. If you want to get them, they'll be available until next Friday (1/20)!

Also, don't forget that these fragrances are on sale for just $3.50--a real bargain! Get 'em before they're gone! ;)

This blend of various floral scents reminds me of the many wildflowers I pick each spring and summer on my nature walks. It truly does smell like the real thing!

Sweet Pea is such a light and fun fragrance with a perfect balance of sweetness and floral tones.

 This is what it smells like after an invigorating rain shower in the warmth of the spring and summer months. Every time I smell Spring Rain, I think of fresh dew on blades of grass after a summer rain.

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