Thursday, February 17, 2011

As Promised...

Here are some snapshots of my workspace (finally)!

The dresser to the left is my main space, where I actually melt the wax and prep it for pouring. I'm also using the drawers for storing my supplies. I found this dresser at a garage sale last summer for $5...crazy, right?!? When the weather gets warmer I'm going to repaint it and put some sort of protective coating on the top to protect against wear and tear. (And yes, that's my cat's butt to the right haha.)
This is where I'm storing my stock for now, until I find a larger bookcase. I quickly grew out of this bookcase and now end up stacking the candles which kind of defeats the purpose of having shelving for easy access. So the hunt continues for a better replacement but this works for the time being. 

And there you have it, my workspace-in-progress! I still have a lot of work to do before it's exactly what I want, but I am soooo happy having a space of my own to work in. I love that it's right in my own home, and it has tons of natural light, so it's such a cheery space to work in.

I'll keep you guys posted on my progress as I begin to check off my little improvement projects for this space  ;)

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