Sunday, October 16, 2011

Zibbet Shop

In an earlier post I had mentioned Zibbet, an online shopping site for handmade and vintage items (similar to Etsy, but it's free to use for sellers which is awesome). I had stayed active on Zibbet for the first few months but didn't have much luck so I kind of allowed my shop to fall to the wayside, i.e. all of my items became expired and my shop was depressingly empty. It's been nagging at me for quite awhile now and today I finally hunkered down and worked on getting my items updated again.

Check out my new and improved Zibbet shop! Buying on Zibbet is just like Etsy--you can either use PayPal or any major credit card. The search features and navigation are pretty similar to Etsy as well, but Zibbet definitely has it's own style. When you have a spare moment, spend some time browsing Zibbet. There are a lot of really great shops on there and it's worthwhile to explore another option if you've become tired of the overcrowded feel of Etsy.

PS--Just a little hint to fellow sellers...if you already have an Etsy account, you can export all of your items from Etsy directly into Zibbet! This page will tell you how. Once your items are exported, all you need to do is tweak the shop section, categories, and shipping profile and you're good to go! I was so relieved to find that, it saved me hours of copying my items individually from one site to the other ;)

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