Friday, September 23, 2011

Practical Magic Blog Party

This is my first year participating in the Practical Magic Blog Party and I am so excited to get started! When I first sat down to figure out what I would write about, I wasn't really sure where to start. This has been one of my favorite movies since I was a kid and I've probably seen it over 100 times. Once I started thinking about how much I love Practical Magic,  it became obvious that I should just talk about that--all of my favorite things about the movie. I think part of why I connect so much with this movie is because it is so in tune with the home and life that I hope to someday create for myself. So that's what I'll share with you today: all of the little pieces of Practical Magic that represent my "dream life". Enjoy!

The most obvious place to start is the house. A beautiful, historic, and cozy Victorian home right on the water, surrounded by towering trees and lush flowers:

I could just imagine myself creating cozy little corners and nooks to read in with a nice cup of coffee. I love that every inch of the house has so much character, you can never get tired of looking at it. That's the kind of house I want some day.

When the sun sets and the crisp evening air comes around, you'll find me and my beau sitting on the porch enjoying the calm of the night air.

Traveling now to the interior of my dream home, I would love to have a kitchen like the Owens ladies. There is such a warmth in their kitchen, even though it's so open and airy. 

Ah I would kill for that rustic farm table. And that stove with the huge kettle for concocting all kinds of brews and perfect for this kitchen.

This next shot isn't from the kitchen per se, but I think it still fits within the theme. I dream of someday having an extensive collection of herbs and oils, all kept in pretty antique bottles like the ones in the background here:

One feature of our dream home that my boyfriend and I would really love is a conservatory so that we could continue to grow herbs, flowers, and veggies throughout the year. The conservatory in the Owens' home is particularly nice because it has a feeling of an outdoor garden that's been brought indoors, which is exactly what I would want to create.

Okay, so we would have our indoor garden in the house, but we'd like an outdoor garden as well so that we could spend time outside whenever the weather is nice and have even more space to grow all sorts of goodies. I love the outdoor garden in the film because it seems to me like a combination of a Victorian garden and an apothecary's herb garden, a perfect blend of the Owens history and their present-day use of herbs for medicinal and beauty purposes.

Since I started Candles By Nature, a dream of mine has been to one day open my own botanical shop where I grow my own herbs, which I would then use in health and beauty products and, of course, candles. I didn't even realize until a few weeks ago that the kind of shop I want is pretty much exactly like Sally's shop. I even love the simple, natural, country-inspired feel of her shop. Ahh that is my dream shop. Maybe one day...

I'm sure many would agree that one of the most endearing aspects of Practical Magic is the incredibly strong sisterly bond between Sally and Gillian. This is something else that has always drawn me to this movie because it reminds me of the closeness that I have with my sister, as well as the complexities that come along with having a sister who is so ridiculously different from yourself. Every time I watch Practical Magic I feel grateful for having a sister who I can share that bond with. As they say in the movie, "My blood, your blood, our blood..."

Throughout our childhood my sister and I spent so many hours just hanging out before bedtime talking about random things, bothering each other, and just being sisters. This scene always reminds me of that and makes me hope that we can keep that even when we're two old bitties.

And what would this dream life be without the annual tradition of showing off for the neighbors on Halloween by jumping off your roof (in full witchy garb, of course)? 

I hope you've enjoyed this little adventure into my dream life, as seen in the world of Practical Magic. If you love this movie as much as I do and would like to delve into more ruminations on the subject, please click here and check out all of the other participants of the 2011 Practical Magic Blog Party. Thanks for reading, and Happy Autumn!!  

Here's a fun little tidbit I discovered while pausing the movie over and over again for screen shots: In the scene where the aunts are reading a postcard from Gillian, the post office sign reads “Maria’s Island, MA 02568” which is the zip code for Martha’s Vineyard. Am I the only one that now wants to take a trip there and check it out?  ;)


  1. Love the party you are having. I just adore the movie too.

  2. Lovely post filled with lovely thoughts! Stop by my enchanted oven to have a PM cookie or two.
    Magical hugs,

  3. Loved your entry and yes I want to take a trip there too. Hope to see you at my cauldron

  4. Stopping by from PM party and joined am now following you! Come by for some puddin n pie

  5. Such a great post. I see we have a lot in common ; )
    Have a magical weekend.

  6. Your post was very well done with some of the best shots from the movie that I've seen so far on my blog hopping journey of this blog party. May we all get our dreams to come true.

  7. I had a lovely time at your PM party. Loved all the photos. You did a wondrous job. Thank you for sharing. Please visit me:

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your post with all of us for the Practical Magic Blog Party! Lovely to visit with you!

    LuLu Kellogg

  9. What a lovely and heart felt post! It was a true pleasure attending your Practical Magic party this year! It is nice to see how we can find similarities in our own lives to the story and in that create a magical place all of our own! Blessed be.

  10. Enchanting post and I hope all your dreams come true. I love the house and garden, it's such a magical place, all houses have an air of magic about them.

    J x

  11. Oh wouldn't be an absolutely enchanting life? I love all these things too. :) Thank you for sharing!

  12. Great blog! I hope all your wishes come true and you get your shop! ..Come visit me

  13. Hi! I am linking from the Practical Magic blog party. Lovely post :D I also share your dream of a conservatory. I hope to make it a reality one day!

  14. AWESOME!! GREAT JOB!! I really enjoyed reading it. I'd been looking forward to it since we talked about writing them, and my computer kept me off most of the day :( Glad I finally made it!! Later Tater!

  15. It's just amazing how so many people have connected with this film. I love how you shared your own personal connections with it. What you said rings true for many of us. How lucky you are to have a sister to share that bond with. I hope all your dreams come true! Thank you for a magical post :)


  16. what a magical post! thanks so much!!!!

  17. Wonderful post, and I love your idea of using natural herbs etc in candles. I'm a candle fanatic, lol. I'm a new follower and really look forward to seeing more of your blog :-)

    Angela @ Shimmerlings

  18. Lovely post, and I didn't notice that about the post card (and I've seen this film a gazillion times, including last night) now I have to look out for it.
    Happy Mabon!

  19. What a catch about the town and zip code!!Martha's Vineyard,eh? I've always envisioned it as more North Shore of MA, but that's probably because I used to live there!! Great post...thanks for sharing your dreams...I think many of us share them!

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Meanderings

  20. I love the image of the conservatory from above. It shows the whole feel of the house in one screen shot. Thank you for sharing your dreams with us! Blessed Be!

  21. Thanks for sharing the cool tidbit...i've never noticed that in the movie before!

  22. Great job! You captured the places and the feelings in the home well. Screen shots aren't easy to do and you did good. I hope one day soon you achieve those dreams of yours.

  23. This is a terrific post - you touched upon a number of the things I love about the movie too - the house, the family, the shop - Wouldn't that be a lovely shop! I am so glad you visited - I am your newest follower!

  24. Such a wonderful party post, a great tribute to an amazing film/book.

    Zoe x

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